Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz

Integrative psychotherapy, systemic family therapy, systemic constellations, psychodrama, holotropic breathwork™ practitioner.

Specific type of intervention: Lecture.

Presentation title: Spiritual Guidance: God’s or Man’s Work? 

Abstract: Integrating modern psychological work and the old spiritual wisdom was the basic idea of the founding fathers of transpersonal psychology.  Since then, 50 years have passed, many interesting models have been developed but still there seems to be a confusion about the idea how psychological transformation and spiritual liberation can come together. Transpersonal psychotherapists and spiritual teachers provide very different answers to this question.  But isn’t the spiritual core still realized within each of us – no matter what we are: eternal student, psychotherapist or the spiritual master?  Ramana Maharshi says that the biggest obstacle for liberation is not to be aware that freedom still is realized within each of us. We are all at home.  There is no path where to go, there is nothing to be reached, but often there is a big need for personal development.

Resumed biography: Dr. Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz (Freiburg, Germany). Trainings in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Breathwork. Seminars and workshops in Germany, Europe, and the United States; lectures and scientific work. Supervision in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.  Initiator and honorary chairman of the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) in Germany. Co-Founder and director of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy, Freiburg. Former President of EUROTAS. Psychoanalytic Oriented Psychotherapy; Systemic Family Therapy; Psychodrama; Systemic Constellations. Holotropic Breathwork™ (Stanislav Grof). Publications: Holotropes Atmen – Psychotherapie und Spiritualität, Verlag Klett-Cotta (book). Various articles published in different journals.

Country: Germany

Language of the talk: English with translation into Estonian (and Russian) if necessary.